Build your confidence and conquer your fears by uncovering the roadblocks in your Life Map. It's time to become the #1 driver in your life!

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“Sharon’s life map process made me realize I’ve spent the last 31 years trying to be the
person I was expected to be by my adopted family that’s just never felt authentic. I’ve been working hard to focus on tuning in to my true self the last few years. Creating my life map made me realize I want to go back to my original name, the one I had before I was adopted. I feel that will be a great way for me to move forward in becoming who really am.”
Shannon Campbell- Customer Service – London

"I found the life map process to be very interesting. I liked the order in which I was to write things down, starting with my struggles. When I started doing my timeline I did start to see parallels and connections throughout my timeline to some of the things I struggle with now. Things I never really thought about before. For instance, I have always been very dependent on other people to make my decisions or form my opinions. I’ve always been too laid back and not a go getter and not very assertive. It was cool to come to this         realization. Hopefully I can now work on becoming more motivated to try new things, and to be more independent.”  Nancy Graham – Piano Teacher – Parry Sound

Processed with MOLDIVThe Life Map helped me discover myself, and it delivered many “Ah-Ha moments.” 
The biggest takeaway from this process was developing more clarity. Seeing my Life Map in front of me was a bit life shaking. It was crazy to see where I started and where my Map has taken me. There were so many ups and downs, twists and turns and almost a couple dead ends with no turn in sight. At the time, and even up until going through my Life Map, I had been beating myself up over the roads I took, or the ones I didn’t take. I now realize I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be."  Brittany Brodie – Country Music Singer Songwriter – Mount Forest   

About Sharon Stokes

Sharon Stokes is a Certified Life Coach who studied at The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She has also worked as a coach at Matthew Hussey’s 5 day Lifestyle Retreats, where she’s had the opportunity to help transform the lives of countless women and been voted as one of the top trainers. Sharon is the creator of the Life Map and #theyearofme online program. She is also a writer and expert who has been featured in The Huffington Post, Bustle, Eat This, Not That, Fashion Magazine and various television and radio shows. Sharon is a Certified Fitness Instructor, currently teaching BodyJam and Jillian Michaels’ BodyShred program.  Sharon has also worked in the media for over 10 years as a Segment Producer for CTV’s etalk and The Marilyn Denis Show.  Through her media career she has had the opportunity to interview A-list celebrities and coach lifestyle experts to peak performance levels for television. Sharon currently resides in Toronto with her little dog Lucy.